Gralinskis in Costa Rica, Take 2

This one is from a few weeks ago – I keep writing these and not getting to an Internet place to post them.

On a rainy Mother’s Day night, Zach’s folks showed up at a bus station in San Isidro.  They had come to visit us for a week, completing the Costa Rican Gralinski Trifecta.

We spent four days at the farm, stuffing them full of bananas and ogling the local flora and fauna.  We visited the neighborhood cows, who are kind of bizarre looking:

Tom called them mango ears, and now that’s all I can see when I look at these guys.

Zach and his dad went fishing, and although they didn’t catch anything Zach’s dad did get a video of a basilisk running around on the river, which I think is at least nine times better than a dead fish.

We went to the beach to say hi to the Pacific, which was lovely,

and drove home over the mountains in the rain, which became a little more exciting than we’d intended when a tree came crashing down onto the road right in front of us.  There was no time to brake and no room to swerve; we kept going right over the end of the tree.  Luckily, amazingly luckily, the tree was just short enough that we passed over the thin branches at the top and drove on with a grill full of leaves and not a scratch on anyone.

On Thursday we went to the market, then wandered towards the sound of a marching band to find an oxcart parade in progress.  Painted oxcarts are a Costa Rican tradition, and there were dozens of them lined up along the street, being pulled along very slowly by enormous, patient pairs of oxen.

Ginny, did you know you took a picture of a cow picking its nose with its tongue?

Afterwards, we drove back up to Monteverde.  To get there we had to cross the Tarcoles bridge again, where the crocodiles hang out.  This time there was a large, non-nimble-looking man down in the deep mud right next to the crocodiles, waving his arms around and yelling at them.  When that failed to attract their attention, he started throwing gobs of mud at their heads.  The photographer behind him had clearly paid good money to get pictures of a crocodile trying to eat someone, but the huge reptiles were unmoved and she finally gave up and left.

In Monteverde we stayed at La Colina Lodge, where I fell in love with a turkey.

That little noodley thing on her face moves around when she eats. It’s freaking weird.

She used to have a little chicken friend, but a wandering dog ate it.  Now she follows the guests around and settles down at the foot of your chair like a well-trained dog.  She likes it when you scratch her weird little knobby naked head.

La Colina also had a nesting pair of emerald toucanets right alongside the driveway.  They were living in an enlarged woodpecker hole, and every half hour or they would switch places on the nest.  If the one out foraging was late coming back, the other one sitting on the nest would start poking its head out and looking around in what appeared to be the bird version of “What’s taking so long?”

Speaking of which – Ginny, that nest full of eggs behind the bathroom door that you were worried about?  They turned out just fine.



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  1. Lisa

    That toucanet picture is super cool but man, baby birds are even uglier than baby mice! Also, I love the picture of the man trying to get eaten by the crocodiles : )

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